The catalogue is certainly the key element of ourbusiness and an essential tool for growth and consolidation in the entertainment’s sector. Our catalogue is going to expand day after day thanks to the product’s aggregation of more players. Today it includes over 500 selected titles between blockbuster movies, prestige DTV, cult movies and festivals hit, which make it a strategic partner for large EI broadcaster and most importantlyour digital distributors. Our most famous titles are: Parker, Out of the furnace, Instructions not included, These Final Hours, The Protector 2, Seraphine; recent theatrical releases are Mechanic: Resurrection and the one announced for 2017: Gotti, Siberia, Domino, Lying and stealing and Rolling to you. Only in the last year over 50 new titles have been added, such as: Queen of the Desert, Rec4, Reach Me, The Legend of Barney Thompson and Monsters Dark Continent and in addition, 60 more works have been added, such as Urge, Marauders, After the dark for the rest of the season and first 2018.