Core to Blue Swan business is the acquisition and distribution of high value titles within all windows, being theatrical, TV, VOD and home entertainment. Company’s acquisition model has proven successful across a wide range of film genres and platforms, building a reputation for handling high-octane films in the action/thriller/sci-fi/horror space, assembling an exciting array of over 700 motion pictures, from blockbusters, to prestige DTVs, cults and festival hits.




Blue Swan Entertainment is an acquisition and distribution company founded in 2015 by an industry veteran. Since the company’s launch, its experienced team has leveraged its relationships, creative vision, distribution, and finance expertise to establish Blue Swan as a leading independent film company in the Italian market..





Our activities are:


Critical reading of entertainment’s sector in order to conform national market’s demand to developments and best supply of International overview and to outline the most profitable investment opportunities and to define new business strategies constantly changing and developing.


Through constant involvement in international markets, national case histories and knowing retail scenario, we move up market’s topic trends, identify most interesting projects in the development process and suggest high value and unconventional solutions to create a commercial library and precise thematic offers studied for specific targets


Following on behalf of our network’s companies the delicate phase of negotiation related to cinematographic rights of works.


Representing participant companies thanks to important deals made with main players of cinematographic management. 


Thanks to a creative factory and an avant-garde inner post-productive structure, Blue Swan can create all technical processing (graphic, video, audio) related to the exploitation of cinematographic products, from the realization of DCP’s copies to DVD and Blu-Ray’s authoring until the creation of most modern formats sold in digital stores (iTunes, Telecom, Netflix). Moreover, thanks to important commercial partnerships with the best dubbing labs, Blue Swan offers a complete and excellent service in creating the Italian edition of your product.


Thanks to a 10-year know how expressly matured in the field of movie rights contracts, we develop more efficient systems during the drafting of commercial agreements of purchase and sales in order to protect the investment indefinitely.


In addition, in order to take care of the distribution and to enable the exploitation from the very beginning, we do support the network in a series of activities that are aimed to ensure the depth of exploitation and the improvementof various aspects throughout the life of the product. We analyze KPI and ROI to evaluate optimization processes, maximize performance and evaluate new possibilities for action; supply chain activities in logistical support, warehousing and storage that can centralized management and order fulfillment in sell-in / sell-out .


We provide all necessary tools to develop new ways of independent investment in the entertainment’s industry, providing a 10-years knowledge of national and international scenario and sharing commercial connections and information.




In order to ensure the best exhibition and the widespread penetration of our cinematographic products throughout the country and a distribution that gives value to all phases of exploitation’s chain , our network provides important business relations with major players operating in the entertainment’s industry, ensuring a continuous sharing of new opportunities.





Blue Swan was born at the beginning from the synergy of two very modern entrepreneurial realities in the Italian entertainment business:Indie Pictures and One Movie. These companies put their forces together to share their respective know-how and entrepreneurial experiences in order to make them available to other potential investors interested in opting in the creation of a huge catalogue of high value projects as well as a shared system of services focused on the project development and on the sales of both cinematographic and television rights.


Indie Pictures is a company that belongs to FH Group SpA and it was founded to combine entrepreneurship and high-quality management, inherited from the investment company, within the acquisition business, commercialization and distribution of television and cinematographic rights. Indie Pictures appears in the entertainment industry as a solid landmark of the high value product and as one of the most innovative and important financial partner for business projects that range from film distribution to cinematographic practice and post-production.www.indiepictures.it


One Movie is a consolidated reality of the Italian independent scene and in a few years has managed to carve out an important place in the entertainment sector. Today the company has a catalogue of over 500 titles distributed across all channels - cinema, home video, television and newstands. Through a very deep analysis of products and a continuous and careful research in all international markets, One Movie got significant results from the very beginning, by placing itself as an emerging reality among the most innovative in the industry. www.onemovie.it



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