Blue Swan was born at the beginning from the synergy of two very modern entrepreneurial realities in the Italian entertainment business:Indie Pictures and One Movie. These companies put their forces together to share their respective know-how and entrepreneurial experiences in order to make them available to other potential investors interested in opting in the creation of a huge catalogue of high value projects as well as a shared system of services focused on the project development and on the sales of both cinematographic and television rights.


Indie Pictures is a company that belongs to FH Group SpA and it was founded to combine entrepreneurship and high-quality management, inherited from the investment company, within the acquisition business, commercialization and distribution of television and cinematographic rights. Indie Pictures appears in the entertainment industry as a solid landmark of the high value product and as one of the most innovative and important financial partner for business projects that range from film distribution to cinematographic practice and


One Movie is a consolidated reality of the Italian independent scene and in a few years has managed to carve out an important place in the entertainment sector. Today the company has a catalogue of over 500 titles distributed across all channels - cinema, home video, television and newstands. Through a very deep analysis of products and a continuous and careful research in all international markets, One Movie got significant results from the very beginning, by placing itself as an emerging reality among the most innovative in the industry.